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All contaminated soil must be tested for:
TPH – Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (test method EPA 8015 Gas and diesel range)
RCRA 8 METALS – (As, Ba, Cd, Cr, Pb, Se, Ag, Hg) test methods SW 846 6010 and SW 846 7471
IGNITABILITY — (test method EPA 1010)

Have Soil Application Form filed out and returned with laboratory analysis before we can accept Petroleum Contaminated Soils.

Our Services

L&R Environmental is a comprehensive provider of non-hazardous petroleum contaminated soils and liquids, organic and liquid waste collection, transportation, treatment, pumping, and disposal services. We accept Non Hazardous liquid waste such as grease trap, car wash sump, non contact cooling water, paper manufacturing, and food manufacturing such as cheese, whey, and milk waste.


1100 W Thompson Rd,
PO Box 65,
Kuna Id 83634

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