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L & R Services Inc. is a provider of site remediation services for a wide variety of soil and groundwater contaminants and has successfully completed hundreds of remediation projects throughout the United States. L & R provides remediation services to railroads, industry and government agencies nationwide. Years of experience has given us the capability to remediate contaminated sites that are often located in remote and inaccessible areas. We have become experts at quickly, safely and cost-effectively mobilizing the personnel, equipment and supplies required for the remediation of large, difficult sites.
We provide “rapid remediation” services that directly follow emergency response actions as well as conventional remediation services for sites impacted by historical discharges of contaminants.

Rapid remediation begins immediately following emergency response actions that are conducted by L & R. Once the incident commander has determined that the threat to human health and safety has been abated, L & R can initiate rapid remediation activities. Rapid remediation techniques can also be used at sites where historical discharges have occurred and the site owner needs the site cleaned up quickly to meet real estate transaction or regulatory deadlines.

Rapid Remediation Techniques Provided By L & R Include:

  • Removal, transport and disposal of contaminated soil

  • Contaminant Flushing
  • Chemical oxidation
  • Bioremediation
  • Removal, transport and disposal of groundwater or surface water
  • Physical stabilization
  • Neutralization
  • Chemical treatment
The goal of rapid remediation is to quickly address the source contaminant thereby minimizing or eliminating further environmental impact to on-site or off-site properties. The obvious advantage to the rapid remediation approach is that a large percentage of a potential future liability can be eliminated in a very short period of time. L & R’s extensive resources of personnel, equipment and sub-contractors allow us to mobilize to a site quickly with the resources required to abate source contaminants in the shortest possible amount of time. L & R has successfully performed numerous rapid response actions at various types of sites and facilities. If requested, L & R can provide the interface with regulatory agencies and other affected parties, or alternately, can work under the technical oversight of the site owner’s environmental consultant.

Industrial Services Capabilities

L & R Services Inc. can provide a wide range of industrial services to help keep your plant operating efficiently. Our professional staff has provided services at industrial operations throughout the United States including fuel recycling facilities, railroad yards, petroleum refineries, chemical manufacturing facilities and chemical blending facilities.

L & R can mobilize to your facility and provide services for a single event or can provide dedicated on-site crews for long-term industrial services.

L & R has the specialized equipment and experienced, trained personnel required for cleaning a wide variety of petroleum and chemical tanks. L & R personnel have cleaned rail and highway tank cars, process tanks, aboveground storage tanks, underground storage tanks, pressure vessels, oil/water separators, waste oil tanks and sludge pits. We are also experienced in tank product transfers, decommissioning of tanks, hazardous material transfer between tanks and the vapor flaring of residuals in tank cars.

The industrial services that we offer also include:

  • Process line cleaning
  • Process tank cleaning
  • AST and UST sludge removal and cleaning
  • Hydroblasting and pressure washing of tanks, pipelines and containment areas
  • Surface decontamination
  • Soil remediation from pipeline breaks
  • Lab packing of non-hazardous wastes
  • Non-hazardous waste consolidation and minimization
  • Waste management, profiling, transport , recycling and/or disposal
  • Cleaning of tanks and pipes
  • Drain cleanouts
  • Railcar purging and cleaning
  • Vacuum truck services